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Terms & Conditions 2015

I’m not a fan of stuffy Ts & Cs that talk in the third person, so for the below necessaries the terms I, me or myself applies to me (Heather Allen Design) and you, your or yourself applies to you (the client). The word project is used as an alternative description for any work I undertake for you.

All services I provide for you are subject to the following Terms & Conditions:




You are politely requested to send me an email confirming that you have read and accepted the following Terms & Conditions prior to work commencing. Any exceptions must be agreed and confirmed by email between you and I prior to work commencing.



I currently charge £40 per hour for design work. Please note that I reserve the right to change this price at any time (unless you are part way undertaking a project with me, in which case I will honour the original price stated on this site at the time of agreement until completion of your project).


Cost estimate

Prior to work commencing I can offer an estimate of cost upfront but this is merely a guide to help you plan your budget. I cannot be held to that price, but as we progress I will inform you if the project looks likely to cost more than the original estimate.



As this can be a bit of a grey area, I’d like to be clear about what I charge for. Your initial meeting with me (be that in person or by telephone call) is free of charge but if I am travelling to you then I will charge travel time at my hourly rate. Further meetings and travel time will be charged at my hourly rate. As well as design time, I will also charge my hourly rate for any necessary research related to your project, and communication (phone calls & emails) between you and I, or between myself and third party services in relation to your project.



If it’s a relatively quick job I will bill you after the work is completed, but otherwise I will bill you in stages as I find this is preferable for both myself and my clients. You are required to inform me concerning any discrepancies about the details of an invoice within 7 days from date of the issue.

Any printing charges, fonts or other materials needed to complete your project will be paid upfront by myself. I will then incorporate these costs into your invoice.



Currently I do not charge VAT.



You have 14 days to make payment from the date my invoice is issued to you. BACS transfer is the only method of payment I accept (cash or cheques will not be accepted). 


Copyright and Ownership

All services I provide shall be for your exclusive use.  However, I will be entitled to use any work designed for you in a promotional capacity (on my website or printed marketing materials).

Upon payment of all fees, the following reproduction rights for all approved final designs I have created for this project shall be granted:

• You will gain full transferable rights to brand identity

• You will gain full license to reproduce works through commercial printers

• You will be entitled to full ownership of all final artwork 


Third parties

I may contract with other creative professionals to provide services such as web development, photography, and illustration if I feel this will benefit your project. I will be transparent and open with you about this. You will still retain full ownership and copyright as listed above of any third party work undertaken.


File property

While you will gain full ownership of all final artwork, I do not supply original artwork for you to amend yourself or provide to a third party to change or develop in any way. In terms of print, a final PDF outlined file for printers to use is provided, beyond this no original design type of any kind will be provided to you unless agreed by myself and confirmed by email.


Proof-reading & sign-off procedure

While I will always endeavour to point out any spelling mistakes, inaccurate wording or picture content of any printed material regarding your project, ultimately the responsibility of content lies with you. At proofreading stage please thoroughly check all wording and content is correct. I will make any final corrections and then you will need to sign this off before the artwork goes to final print. I cannot be held liable for any mistakes once the final artwork has gone to print unless it is an artworking issue. Please read the Termination and Liability sections for further information about this.



In the hopefully unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with my work you have the right to terminate my services at any time. You are required to write this in an email and I will reply accepting the request for termination before this can take place. You will be required to pay any outstanding hours of work up until the point at which I reply confirming I have received your termination request. Upon termination, refunds will not be given for any of my design work deemed unsatisfactory by yourself in terms of design style and you will still be required to pay for this work. 

With regards to printed material, in the unlikely event that a clear-cut artworking mistake has been made on my part then I will correct the issue free of charge and pay for a reprint (unless the error lies with the printers). 

I also reserve the right to terminate my services to you at any time. Where possible, termination of any or all services will be accompanied by one month’s notice on my part. 



I will not be held liable for:

• any mistakes in terms of inaccurate content, spelling or wording for any printed material I design for you (please see paragraph on ‘Proof reading & sign-off procedure’) and therefore any costs to reprint it.

• the cost of reprinting any material deemed poor quality from the printers. In the circumstance where the printer is at fault I will endeavour to get a full refund from them on your behalf, or a reprint free of charge. 

• the loss or damage to the client or any other party including loss of income

• failing to complete your project due to circumstances beyond my control, including loss of power supply, machine breakdown, loss of materials, fire, storm, flood, act of god, war, civil disturbance or terrorism.

• failing to complete your project on time due to any unexpected illness or bereavement on my part.



All work is backed up on 2 external hard drives at end of each day so you can have peace of mind your designs are safe!



You are required to inform me by email before the project commences if any portion of any material or information you provide is confidential.


Privacy policy 

Please note that your details will not be passed on to any third parties.



Note that these Terms and Conditions were put in place on 27/04/15 but are subject to change at any time. However, if you are part way undertaking a project with me I will honour the original terms stated on this site at the time of agreement until work on your project is completed.